09/07/2021 – Praying all Night

September 7

Dia dhuit, In our Gospel today we see that Jesus goes to the hills to pray.We are told that He … Continue reading 09/07/2021 – Praying all Night

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09/06/2021 – St. Paul

September 6

Dia dhuit, There is a great contrast in our readings today. In our Gospel we have people who are doing … Continue reading 09/06/2021 – St. Paul

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09/05/2021 – Deaf Man

September 5

Dia dhuit, As I was pondering over today’s readings my ears were a wee bit blocked. It sometimes happens to … Continue reading 09/05/2021 – Deaf Man

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09/04/2021 – First Saturdays

September 4

Dia dhuit, Today is the First Saturday. We honour Our Blessed Mother on each Saturday, but today, once a month, … Continue reading 09/04/2021 – First Saturdays

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