02/03/2022- Marie Anne Riviera

When she was two years old, Marie Anne Rivier, fell off a high bed and was left crippled.

Marie Anne insisted that her mother carry her to Our Lady’s shrine at the nearby Church saying:

“That woman in the chapel will cure me.”

Everyday for four years, mother and daughter made the journey praying the rosary. When they reached the chapel Marie would pray:

“Cure me, Blessed Mother, and I’ll give you a hat…Cure me. If you don’t, I’ll pout.”

Finally, on the eve of Our Lady’s Birthday, when she returned home her father’s funeral, Marie miraculously began to walk again. That evening when Marie’s mother went to the chapel to give thanks she found the statue wearing a hat she had made for Marie.

Marie though a child never forgot the grace of her healing of the power of Our Lady through the rosary.

When she grew up she became a nun consecrating her life to the Blessed Mother and dedicating it to the care of children in need.