02/10/2022 – A homily

In a homily, a priest told this true story.

He met a woman who said that when she was born his mother was Catholic and his father was Protestant. During WWII, his father went to war. As he was leaving home, his wife gave him a rosary and told him that she would pray the rosary for him every day, which she did.

One day she received a letter from a French army chaplain. He said that he had seen a soldier being carried on a stretcher. A rosary hung out of his pocket so the chaplain assumed he was Catholic and followed the stretcher. When he spoke to the soldier he discovered that he was Protestant but that he carried the rosary his wife gave him. Father ended the letter by promising to watch over her husband.

Two month later, the chaplain wrote to the wife of the soldier again breaking the sad news that her husband was dead. This however was followed by the consoling account of her husband’s last months. The chaplain had visited the soldier in the camp hospital every day. The husband had many questions about faith and prayer. He was eventually received into the Church. He received the sacraments with great devotion and continually prayed the rosary in thanksgiving for the gift of faith and for his family, especially for his wife who had given him the rosary.

Courtesy of 1 in 10 Rosary Mission Ireland

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