03/12/2022 – Fr. Fideles

On a sunny Saturday last summer, Fr Fidelis, a Franciscan of the Renewal priest led a prayer procession from a Brooklyn Church, in New York, where Mass had been celebrated, to the nearby abortion clinic. The procession was scheduled to take 45 minutes and include the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet and hymns. However the peaceful procession was met with difficulty as pro abortion protestors blocked the way, pushing, screaming, and threatening those praying.

Fr Fidelis later commented that what became a two hour journey was like the Way of the Cross. As a priest and leader, he was particularly singled out by the mob who pushed signs and lit cigarettes in his face and directed blasphemies and obscenities at him.

Yet what those who caused this obstruction did not understand is that the delay they caused meant that extra rosaries were prayed and that the abuse they inflicted became sacrifices offered up in atonement for abortion.

The pro lifers stayed calm, patiently moving forward when they were able to.

Fr Fidelis was later asked how they stayed so calm in the midst of all this. He said: “we had just come from celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We received Jesus in Holy Communion, and He’s the source of our peace and our strength,” he said. “And when I was looking at those people, I was thinking ‘these people are not the enemy. They’re deceived.’”

On how to end abortions, he said, “We need to discover again the humility and courage to pray and fast,” he said. “And I think that’s something we could all do a lot better.”

“Pro-life is the pre-eminent issue …every Catholic has to be actively engaged in the pro-life movement in some way,” he said. “Not everybody can do everything,” he said, “but everybody has to do at least something.” (Joseph Bukuras CNA)

Please pray the Rosary for Life!!!!