04/1/2021 – Association of the Living Rosary

The Association of the Living Rosary was founded in post revolution France by Pauline-Marie Jaricot who through an inspiration gathered the first 15 people together.

Each was asked to pray one of the fifteen decades of the rosary everyday. This way the group as a whole had prayed the whole rosary each day.

“Over a century later, during the Nazi occupation of Poland, a young layman named Jan Tyranowski formed prayer groups of 15 men in his parish, representing the 15 mysteries of the Rosary. One of the group’s leaders was the young Karol Wojtyla—the young St. John Paul II (who would later introduce the Luminous Mysteries in his pontificate).

Tyranowski met with the men in prayer and guided them in spiritual direction. He called it the Living Rosary prayer group. Wojtyla, the future pope, remained devoted to the Living Rosary prayer group and brought this model into his own parishes after he became a priest.” (Maura McKeegan)

The Living Rosary has continued in many places throughout the world. In some it has expanded into a “Perpetual Rosary” with a network of people volunteering to pray the rosary for one hour every week so that among them they ensure that the rosary is prayed continually.

There is a month before May begins. It is enough time to organise a Living or Perpetual Rosary group (family, friends and neighbours, workmates, online contacts) to begin honouring Mary through her rosary from May 1st. On May 22, Pauline-Marie Jaricot the founder of the Living Rosary will be beatified. Those organising Rosary networks can pray to her to send rosary volunteers. She has always been a very persuasive lady!

P.S. Just a reminder that 5 First Saturdays for Ireland continues on Saturday from 2pm. We will again join with the young people of Holy Family Mission to pray for our beloved Ireland and for peace in the world. The three hours of prayer includes Eucharistic Adoration, Rosaries, Hymns, Silence. This is available online at www.holyfamilymission.ie

Our Lady of Knock, Queen of Ireland, pray for Ireland, and for peace in our troubled world.