04/20/2022 – Mother Angelica’s 99th birthday

It is Mother Angelica’s 99th birthday!

I am sure that many many English speaking people, who pray the rosary, have prayed it with Mother Angelica on EWTN.

She was of course a Poor Clare nun and founder of EWTN. The rosary was a part of Mother. She prayed it frequently.

It runs through her hands as she talks to guests on her show. She holds it up to her audience when she is exhorting them to pray more and she was healed through the rosary.

Paola Albertini, an Italian woman who alleged that Our Lady appeared to her while she prayed the rosary on several occasions, visited Mother Angelica at the TV studio on a mission from the Blessed Virgin. She asked Mother if she would pray the rosary with her and when they were finished Paola asked her to take off her leg braces as she wouldn’t need them anymore….she was cured two days later Mother was able to appear on the youth programme “Life on the Rock”, to let the world know to rejoice with her because after 40 years of pain, she had been healed by the Blessed Mother through the rosary.