05/02/2022 – St. Jose Maria Rubio

In the town in the south of Spain where today’s saint, St. Jose Maria Rubio came from there is a little museum.

One of the most precious items of veneration in the museum is the holy priest’s rosary. This relic was always with the “Apostle of Madrid”, he prayed it daily. His motto “Do what God wants, and want what God does.” echoed Our Lady’s Fiat something he contemplated at the beginning of every rosary.

And it was his devotion to God’s Will and his attachment to Mary that made his priesthood so spiritually adventurous. For example, “While confessing, a lady came and gave him the directions to a man who had to confess soon, as he was dying.

That evening, Rubio went to visit the dying, and following the directions, he had to go to a third floor without a lift. When he finally arrived, knocked and asked for the gentleman, “It’s me” the gentleman said “but I think that someone has played a practical joke on you, as you see I’m in perfect health. Come on, man! have a drink and relax after you have had to climb so many stairs.”

Entering the room, Rubio saw a portrait on the wall, and while the man served him a drink. Rubio said that the lady was the one who sent him. The man laughed and said that the lady was his mother who died some years ago. Then, the gentleman said; “Look, anyway, as you are here, I’m going to confess because it’s been years since I entered a church, and so your journey will not have been in vain”. He confessed and died that night.”

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