05/03/2022 – Luminous mysteries

The Luminous Mysteries have been a great gift to those who pray the rosary.

In them we meditate on Jesus’ public life from its beginning, the Baptism of Jesus until its end in the Institution of the Holy Eucharist on Holy Thursday.

Praying the Luminous decades we reflect of the the lessons that Jesus taught and also meet many of the people close to Jesus in His Mission like today’s saints Apostles Philip and James the Just.

St Philip was a disciple of St John the Baptist and may have witnessed the Baptism of Our Lord, St James was a relative and may have been at the Miracle of Cana. We know for sure that they were both with Jesus as He proclaimed His Kingdom and the Forgiveness of Sin. We can go to these two apostles in our rosary meditations and ask them to bring us closer to the Heart of Jesus in His mysteries after all they were there as Jesus revealed His heart and poured out His Grace to the multitudes.