05/04/2022 – First Wednesday – St. Joseph

Today is the First Wednesday of the month, a day dedicated to St Joseph the “silent” member of the holy family.

Fittingly today is the anniversary of Sr Mary Aimee, an obscure French Carmelite, who wrote the Twelve Degrees of Silence. This work chronicles this holy nuns journey into the heart and will of God.

It may seem counter intuitive, but the rosary is a powerful path to the silence that Sr Mary Aimee encourages us to embark on. The rosary in its rhythmic repetition, creates a space where we can step out of the noise of our whirling thoughts and the activity surrounding us. Entering Mary’s home in Nazareth, the cave in Bethlehem, stepping into the warm water of the sunlight Jordan, listening to the night sounds of Gethsemane, feeling the wind on Mt Tabor we are transported into the gospels to kneel silently and take in all the lessons that Mary asks us to consider.

And when we finish our rosary and leave this silent space we bring those lessons with us. Rosary by rosary, living more and more in God’s love.