05/05/2022 – First Saturday devotion

In Fatima, Our Lady told the children that she would come at the later stage to ask for the consecration of Russia. She kept that promise eight years later when she and Jesus appeared to Sr Lucia. Sr Lucia was told that to convert Russia and stop her from spreading her errors throughout the world, the Pope must consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart and we must make reparation to Mary’s Immaculate Heart on the Five First Saturdays. Six weeks ago on March 25th, the Pope consecrated (or renewed the consecration) of Russia. But what about us? Are we doing our part, the Five First Saturdays.

Today is First Saturday. We are asked today to pray the rosary, meditate on its mysteries for at least 15 minutes, receive Holy Communion and get confession…… all with the intention of reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Sr Lucia, in asking for more detail, was told that confession could be within a reasonable time before or after the saturday, and that Holy Communion for First Saturday could be received on the Sunday, if Saturday is not possible.

We have no excuse! We too must play our part in the conversion of Russia and World Peace.

P.S. The fourth Annual Women of Faith Conference will be live on Radio Maria today from 2pm. We have great speakers for you: Wendy Grace, Dr Edward Sri, Sr Susan Evangelist, and Fr Freddy Warner. Hope you get a chance to join in.