05/16/2022 – Saint Canonisations

Yesterday Pope Francis canonised 10 saints.

He declared that they are in heaven and he presented them to us as patrons in our own quest for holiness and as models to be imitated.

Looking through the list and reading their stories, they were very different: some were founders and foundresses, some were martyrs, some religious, some lay, from France, India, Italy and elsewhere.

But they were one in their passionate love for God and lived heroic virtue. It was also clear that they were all close to the Virgin Mary and devoted to her Rosary.

For example the ten new saints include St Charles De Fouchauld who wore a large rosary across his chest where when he was as a soldier he had worn a gun belt.

There was St Titus Brandsma who gave his only possession, his rosary, to the nurse who killed him.

St Mary Rivier, who confident in Our Lady’s protection and girded with her rosary, didn’t let the French Revolution stop her work with the sick or keep her from founding a new religious order.

St Maria Domenica who taught her nuns to love the rosary the way her own mother taught her.It shouldn’t surprise us that the rosary was important to these new saints because the rosary makes saints!

PS. Video from Ralph Martin on the Rosary