05/22/2022 – St. Rita of Casia

Today we celebrate St Rita of Casia.

From contemporary depictions of her as a nun,we see that she wore the rosary around her habit and is often shown with it in her hand. Indeed in contemplating Jesus’ passion (the Sorrowful Mysteries), Our Lord shared one of the thorns from His pierced head with her.

No doubt Rita also prayed her rosary before she became a nun. She would have prayed it for her tempestuous husband and her wayward sons. St Rita’s loving patience with her family and her persevering, trustful prayer clearly touched the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary because St Rita’s husband and sons converted.

They each died in the faith, forgiving and seeking forgiveness. St Rita is a miracle worker, especially within families. Invite her to pray the rosary with you for your family. She will be delighted!