05/29/2022 – Car Miracle

A Lady sent us in this beautiful witness

“I think it is fair to say that a lot of times I pray I find it difficult to trust completely even though it says in the Bible ” whatever you ask for, in faith, you will receive”. Last Sunday Our Lady performed a miracle for me and my family.

I was away with my teenage daughters in Dungarvan for the weekend and Sunday morning I started the car for the journey home only to see the battery light come on. I was afraid to turn the car off again and I rang my husband who told to keep driving for as long as I could.

I got to the next town after asking the Holy Souls to help us but then I felt I was really prompted by my Guardian Angel to pray the Rosary. As it was Sunday we offered Our Rosary to Our Lady just asking her to intercede for us and bring us home safely one way or another.

The battery light kept getting brighter but the car kept going. When we were halfway home and after completing the Glorious Mysteries we started praying the Joyful Mysteries in thanksgiving to Our Lady. Do you know when the car stopped? At our front gate!

She had brought us home safely. When I went in home knowing we had been blessed with a miracle my husband told me the car should have stopped after 15 minutes!! Our Lady gave us 1 hour and 15 minutes! Praise God! The car will be with the mechanic for a few days but this reminds us again to “ask and you will receive”.

Thank you Mother from your loving daughter F.”