06/09/2022 – Blessed Anna Maria Tiagi

Blessed Anna Maria Tiagi, today’s saint, was a humble wife and mother of seven.

She was also a mystic consulted by Popes, Princes and paupers.Her sanctity lay not in her great mystical gifts but in humbly living her domestic duties and offering everything in reparation for sin.

“The Blessed Virgin Mary became her guide and helped her to prepare for the mission that God had called her to: “Know well, My dear daughter, that here below you will have for every one good day a hundred bad ones, because you must be like My Son Jesus. You must be devoted above all to doing His will and submitting your own constantly to His in the state of life to which it has pleased Him to call you; therein lies your special vocation…

Remember it is far more meritorious to renounce one’s own will and submit oneself entirely to the will of God than to perform the greatest bodily mortifications.”

In her humility, Blessed Anna Maria brought great peace and order to what would otherwise have been a volatile home. Her home was small and in a crowded street in Rome. Her husband had a temper and her parents who moved in were prone to pick frequent fights with him. And of course children will be children. Yet by imitating Our Lady in keeping God at the centre of her heart and her family, peace reigned.

She started her day alone before the household woke to attend Mass and she ended everyday with the family rosary followed by the reading of the life of the saint of the day. Then entrusting them to the Blessed Mother she gave each child a mother’s blessing and settled them in bed. Our homes centred on God and encircled with the rosary can be peaceful too.