06/30/2022 – One Hail Mary

One Fervent Hail Mary…
One fervent Hail Mary with

love and thought said,

Is better than volumes of

prayers poorly read.

If time and one’s duties

prevent a long prayer,

Just say one Hail Mary with

fervour and care.

The “Golden Hail Mary” which

from the heart springs,

The greatest of blessings

from Mary it brings.

And we never will know ‘til

before Mary’s throne,

How that daily Hail Mary

brought us to her home.

In our daily rosary we have 53 chances to pray a “Golden Hail Mary”!

P.S. Join me tonight on the Rosary Stories Show on Radio Maria from 6.45pm when we will discuss the fantastic Children’s Rosary Movement in Ireland and around the world. God bless, Fr Marius