07/04/2022 – Blessed Patrick Salmon

Blessed Patrick Salmon, today’s saint was martyred during the reign of St Elizabeth for hiding a priest.

He was a layman who paid the ultimate price to bring the sacraments to the persecuted Church.

His sacrifice may seem far from our own time, but it is not.

In China, North Korea, Syria and elsewhere, there are laymen and women hiding priests and hosting hidden Masses. We who live in a time and place where this is unthinkable, should be thankful and at least spiritually foster the Holy Mass and Eucharist and protect priests.

We can do this especially with our daily rosary. As our fingers slowly circle our beads we can encircle those in danger with Our Lady’s shield of protection. Our rosaries are powerful when placed in the hands of Mary.

Courtesy of 1 in 10 Rosary Mission Ireland

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