07/31/2022 – St Ignatius of Loyola

Today is the feast of St Ignatius of Loyala the founder of the Jesuit order.Originally he was a solider inspired by dreams of glory. After his conversion, his dreams were of God’s glory.

St Ignatius wrote “Spiritual Exercises” to help Jesuits and others to more fully experience prayers, in particular the rosary. His method of praying the rosary is known as “the Ignatian way. “In practice, the Ignatian way of praying is to visualise what is taking place in the prayers. Ignatius instructed those praying the holy rosary to envision the Gospel scenes, see the people as they would be in real life and hear what they are saying. Ignatius believed that contemplating the mysteries of the rosary in this way would help people better understand Jesus.” (Classroom.synonym.com)

As a priest and leader, St ignatius wore a large rosary around his neck begging the Blessed Virgin to accept and keep him in her service. He instilled this love and reliance on the Queen of Heaven and her rosary on the men who flocked to his order and after ordination went forth to spread the Good news of Salvation. We see the fruits of Graces from his fidelity to the rosary in Faith communities for the last 500 years.St Ignatius and Our Lady of the Rosary pray for us!

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