08/04/2022 – Promises of the Rosary

Among the 15 promises of the Holy Rosary are two reserved specially for those who promote the rosary.

The twelfth promise “All those who propagate the Holy Rosary shall be aided by me in their necessities.”

and the thirteenth promise: “I have obtained from my Divine Son that all the advocates of the Rosary shall have for intercessors the entire celestial court during their life and at the hour of death.”

Today’s saint Blessed Frédéric Janssoone was a promoter of the rosary, of devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary, and a promoter of her shrine at Notre-Dame-du-Cap, Canada.

“He toured the entire province to promote visits to the shrine. Janssoone would organize travel by train and boat for the many people he started to draw to the site. He would preach there himself and dedicated the people to Our Lady of the Rosary, its patron saint. Amazing miracles started to occur, which drew ever larger crowds….

Janssoone also started to undertake massive fundraising drives (for the maintenance of the shrine and the work of the Franciscans) which required travel throughout the province, a task he performed for fifteen years. He would preach in churches and go house-to-house for this, braving the harshness of the Canadian winter and farm dogs, selling some of the many books he wrote at night instead of sleeping. He had only one coat and would frequently sleep on the ground during these trips.” After almost 30 years of giving his all, “

Janssoone took to his bed in June 1916 physically worn out… After almost two months of intense pain, he died there on the following 4 August.” He was buried at the shrine of his beloved Queen, Our Lady of the Rosary. (Wikipedia)