08/23/2022 – St. Rose of Lima

St Rose of Lima today’s saint was baptised Isabel, but when she was a small girl one of her household had a prophetic (?) vision of her as a mystical rose.

The woman began to call her “Rose” and the name stuck. From a very young age, Rose loved Our Lady and her rosary. She had a special devotion to St Catherine of Siena and through her to Dominican spirituality. Already at five years she consecrated her virginity.

She attended the Dominican Church when young Martin de Porre was accepted as a novice. She recognised his goodness and they became friends. She became his prayer partner. She prayed her rosary for him from the time she was 9 and he was 15.

Rose also kept another Dominican in her rosary and penances, St John Macias who was older than St Martin. She also prayed for the bishop who confirmed her, St Turibius and the Franciscan St Francis Solano who was sent to Lima and who worked with the poor, a work that was very close to the heart and prayers of Rose.

“These relationships are crucial to understanding Rose because no saint becomes a saint in isolation.” (Mellissa Keating)

They say behind every good man is a good woman. This is certainly true of the four saints of Lima Peru who ministered during St Rose’s lifetime. It is probably accurate to say that her quiet life of prayer and penance provided many Graces for the active work of these religious.

Courtesy of 1 in 10 Rosary Mission Ireland
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