08/28/2022 – Our Lady of Kiev

Today is the feast of Our Lady of Kiev, an important day to pray for Ukraine.

In 1240 “word came… that the Mongols had invaded the country. ….Kiev was in imminent danger of attack …. Saint Hyacinth, on hearing the tragic news, rushed to the nearby church to save the Blessed Sacrament from capture and desecration.

Hyacinth had removed the Sacred Host from the Tabernacle and was hurrying down the aisle when he heard a voice call out, “Hyacinth, are you going to leave me here at the mercy of the Tartans?” The voice seemed to be coming from the statue of the Blessed Virgin on one of the side altars. Hyacinth stopped and turned his gaze toward the statue which was of alabaster, fairly large in size, and obviously much too weighty for one man to carry. What should he do?

Then the voice spoke again: “Take me with you, Hyacinth, I will make the burden light.” So, holding the Blessed Sacrament in one hand, he picked up the statue with the other, and, to his surprise, found he could easily carry it. Leaving the church, he fled from the city, and saved the Blessed Sacrament and the statue of Our Lady from harm.

Eighty years later after the Mongols had been driven away, the statue was returned to Kiev. That city became the center of great devotion to the Blessed Virgin. “

Our Lady says the same to us, “Take me with you…I will make the burden light.” How do we take Our Lady with us? Keep her in your hearts and thoughts like you do your loved ones, refer to her guidance in everything, always have a rosary in your pocket or purse….And use it! celebrate her feasts…Queen cakes on Marian feast days help children to learn about Mary and love her. Head off a session of anger, worry, gossip, self pity, etc with a decade of the rosary. There are so many ways to take Mary with you and every time you do she will make the burden light.