09/16/2022 – The added rosary

“My Grandparents made a trip to Italy in 1980. While there, they were able to see the Vatican and they purchased 5 rosaries to give to each of their grandchildren. After you purchase the rosaries, you could have Pope John Paul II bless them, and then they would mail them back to the families. So, this is what my grandparents did and when they returned home, they anxiously waited for the rosaries to appear in the mail.

When they arrived, the 5 white crystal rosaries were in the box, along with a pink crystal rosary! They didn’t understand why they received this extra rosary and they put it aside. It was a few months later that my mother found out that she was pregnant, and in September of 1982, she had a little girl. Saint Pope John Paul II knew my grandparents wanted to give ALL of their grandchildren a rosary from their trip!” ( Epic Stories of the Rosary by Laura Hensley)

P.S. The Coastal Rosary for LIFE & FAITH in Ireland is on Sunday October 9th at 2.30pm. Sign up a location at www.coastalrosaryireland.ie