09/21/2022 – Protected from the sea by the Holy Rosary

Eileen wrote to us saying:

“In 1986, our family spent nine weeks of the summer in Co. Kerry. The house was in a field, 1.5 miles from the nearest village. The sea was half a mile away, and there was a stream running past the end of the garden.

My husband worked in Dublin Monday to Friday and he came down to Kerry every weekend to join us. I was alone with the children with no car, no television, no radio or phone.

One Thursday evening in August at 7pm approx., I looked out the kitchen window and to my disbelief I saw what was the sea making its way up the back garden. Immediately I took up the mats on all the floors and put them across chairs so they would not be ruined by the flood. The five children and myself knelt down and prayed the Rosary.

I then went to the neighbour to ask her to mind the children while I ran up to my brother-in-law’s house to ask him if we should leave the house.

He was shocked when he saw the sea in the back garden. Later, we heard there was a German neighbour on the mountain side with binoculars and he said the tide turned about 8pm. The house and shop nearby were flooded. The food in the shop was destroyed and the fridge was floating in water. The two chalets further up the road were two feet deep in water. Not a drop entered our house! Thank you Mother of the Holy Rosary.”