09/22/2022 – Feast of Naming of Mary

Today is the traditional feast of the naming of the infant Mary by her parents Ss Joachim and Ann.

In her mystical The City of God, Venerable Maria Agreda describes this event “Mary named by Saint Anne.”Being informed of these and many other mysteries, the holy angels heard a voice from the throne speaking in the person of the Father:“

Our chosen One shall be called MARY, and this name is to be powerful and magnificent. Those that shall invoke it with devout affection shall receive most abundant graces; those that shall honor it and pronounce it with reverence shall be consoled and vivified, and will find in it the remedy of their evils, the treasures for their enrichment, the light which shall guide them to heaven. It shall be terrible against the power of hell, it shall crush the head of the serpent and it shall win glorious victories over the princes of hell.

”The Lord commanded the angelic spirits to announce this glorious name to Saint Anne, so that what was decreed in heaven might be executed on earth. The heavenly Child, lovingly prostrate before the throne, rendered most acceptable and human thanks to the eternal Being; and She received the name with most admirable and sweet jubilation.The holy angels honored and acknowledged Most Holy Mary as the future Mother of the Word and as their Queen and Mistress enthroned at the right hand of her Son; they showed their veneration of her holy name, prostrating themselves as it proceeded from the throne in the voice of the eternal Father, especially those, who had it written on the devices over their breast.

On the eighth day after the birth of the great Queen, multitudes of most beautiful angels in splendid array descended from on high bearing an escutcheon on which the name of MARY was engraved and shone forth in great brilliancy. Appearing to the blessed mother Anne, they told her that the name of her daughter was to be MARY, which name they had brought from heaven, and which Divine Providence had selected and now ordained to be given to their child by Joachim and herself.The more than happy father accepted the name with joy and devout affection. They decided to call their relatives and a priest and then, with much solemnity and festivity, they imposed the name of Mary on their Child.

The angels also celebrated this event with most sweet and ravishing music, which, however, was heard only by the mother and her most holy Daughter.Thus was the divine Princess named by the Holy Trinity; in heaven, on the day of her nativity, and on earth, after eight days.”In the Holy Rosary we are blessed to pray the Holy Name of Mary twice in every Ave. We should pray her name with great love, the love of a child for his Mother and the love of a loyal subject for his Queen.