1/17/2022 – Feast of Our Lady of Hope

Today the Feast of Our Lady of Hope celebrates Our Lady’s apparition to children in Pontmain 101 years ago.

Our Lady came as a response to the prayer of the parish to spare their sons and village from the approaching battle. In the two hours she spent with the people of Pontmain, she was silent but very responsive to each prayer, rosary, night prayers and their hymn.

As she left a heavenly banner unfurled “But pray, my children. God will hear you in time. My Son allows Himself to be touched.“

Our Lady answered their prayer dramatically sending home the enemy and bring their sons safely home.

Pontmain shows us not just the importance of prayer, but the importance of praying together, especially as a parish.

In many parishes in Ireland, there are a small handful of people who faithfully keep a daily parish rosary going, often before or after the morning Mass. These special children of Mary do a service for the parish and community that we will only be able to fully appreciate in heaven. If you are one of those people, Thank You!

If not, take the few extra minutes to join them. If the daily rosary is not established in your parish….you know what to do!

P.S. How we need so much prayer in Ireland at the moment. A Special 9 week novena to St Patrick begins on Wednesday Evening. There will be Holy Mass for 9 consecutive Wednesdays in the lead up to St Patrick’s Day in places of importance in the life of St Patrick. The first Holy Mass will be offered by Archbishop Eamon Martin in Armagh Cathedral on Wednesday Evening at 7pm. Please go if you are anywhere near, and if not please do join online at www.swprayer.org

P.P.S. We will be rolling out something like Exodus 90 for women in Ireland for LENT. It will be a journey of prayer and self-denial with other women. It is called Daughters of Sion. I will be in touch when the website is live.