10/10/2021 – Padre Pio Rosary

The rosary is a great source of peace in the world, in the family and in our hearts. “I received a Padre Pio rosary from my grandmother a few years ago. She watched a show about him on EWTN and she fell in love with him, and she wanted me to order a rosary for herself and for me as a gift for being her caregiver. So I did so, and when I received it I thought I’d start to carry it in my pocket just so I could have a rosary with me at all times. I did carry one in my purse, but it just didn’t feel close enough. I began to notice something about having it in my pocket. I noticed that whenever I was upset and yelling at the kids or fighting with my husband, I would, quite often, bump that hip with the rosary in my pocket on anything – a counter, table, wall, chair. I believe Padre Pio was telling me to quiet my spirit and stop the yelling! Thank you, Padre Pio, for bringing some quiet and order into my home.” (Laura Hensley, Epic Stories of the Rosary)Courtesy of 1 in 10 Rosary Mission Ireland Don’t forget – 9pm is Rosary for Ireland on Radio Maria