10/24/2021 – Knights of Columbus

Fr Michael McGiveney was the child of Irish immigrants in the USA. He started the Knights of Columbus in his parish. Today this group is a leading defender of the Church and protector of the unborn.

“Since the founding of the Order, Knights have had a strong devotion to the rosary. One of the few relics we have of our founder, Father Michael J. McGivney, is his rosary. …Though Knights have always been devoted to the Blessed Mother, it was Supreme Knight Virgil Dechant (who died last year at age 89) who best showed how our identity as Knights is tied to the rosary.

“Mary with her Knights … what challenge can we not face?” said Dechant, confident in the power of the rosary to strengthen the Knights. Inspired by this confidence, Dechant began the Knights’ practice of giving each new member of the Order a rosary.

This rosary is a defining mark of every man who joins the Knights of Columbus. That is why every new Knight promises to carry his rosary with him at all times and to pray it as often as he can – a promise which strengthens his devotion to the Blessed Mother.” (Evan Holguin)