10/3/2021 – Blessed Columbia Marmion

Blessed Columbia Marmion learned the rosary in the midst of his large family gathered on their knees every evening in their home in Dublin. He brought his love of the rosary to the parish of Dundrum as a young curate, and to the students of Clonliffe College. When he became a Carmelite monk he brought the rosary to the world in his writings.”We ought to imitate Jesus in all things. The Eternal Word chose Mary for His Mother; in like manner we should choose her for our Mother and have a childlike devotion to her.””There (in the Rosary) we praise Mary ever united to her Son; we repeat lovingly and unceasingly the greeting addressed to her by the heavenly messenger of the Incarnation; we contemplate Christ in the whole cycle of His mysteries in order to unite ourselves to Him; we congratulate the Virgin Mary on her intimate association with these mysteries, and we give thanks to the Blessed Trinity in the ‘Gloria’ for all the privileges of the Mother of Jesus.””If ever I come to the end of a day without having said the Rosary, I confess that I feel disappointed. There are some people who say: ‘The Rosary is a good thing for women and children.’ Granted. But what does our Lord say? ‘Unless you become as little children, you cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven.’ and for my part, I want to go there!…” (The Mysteries of the Rosary by Blessed Columba Marmion)