10/31/2021 – Rosary of Reparation

Today is a day to especially pray the rosary in reparation.

Today is Halloween, the name means Holy Evening because it was the vigil of the great feast of All Saints. In times past the faithful fasted and prayed to prepare themselves to more fittingly celebrate the feast of the saints, the Church Triumphant, all those who had gone before them and were now enjoying the Beatific Vision.

In our culture Halloween could not be more different. In one sense it is inverted. It is the day to glorify the underworld. A day to eat sweets instead of fast, a day to celebrate witches, demons, the dry bones of the dead, rather than to honour the saints. For children it is wrapped up in the fun of costumes and sweets.

Many Catholic families find creative ways to return Halloween to its purpose but it is hard in the prevailing environment.

Pray, Pray the rosary today in honour of the Queen of all the saints of heaven in reparation for the blasphemies offered, wittingly and unwittingly on Halloween.