11/07/2021 – Bolshevik Revolution

Our Lady came to Fatima and asked that people pray the rosary every day for peace. She spoke of Russia in particular for she knew what was being plotted in that country. She asked for Russia to be consecrated to bring about its conversion and so the errors that Russia was about to embrace would not spread and cause terrible suffering across the world and especially great persecution of the Church.

Twenty five days after Our Lady’s last apparition and the great Miracle of the Sun, on November 7, 1917, Russian Bolsheviks captured St Petersburg setting up the Communist control of Russia. The revolutionaries always viewed Russia as the springboard for international take over. So what followed from this victory is the tragic history of the twentieth century even to today.

More have died for their faith in Jesus since St Petersburg fell than in the whole history of the world.

Even at this late stage, pray the rosary, pray it daily, pray it for peace!