11/13/2021 – Mother Cabrini

Today’s saint, St Frances Cabrini opened 67 orphanages, hospitals, schools, convents, etc during her mission in America. She served people from New York and Virginia in the East to Seattle and Los Angeles in the West, from Chicago in the North to New Orleans in the South. She also left thriving foundations in Europe and Latin America.Many of these foundations boost relics of Mother Cabrini, but Cabrini High School has the prize, her rosary. Her rosary worn and shiny from use points to the secret of St Frances’ amazing productivity. Mother Cabrini, was not herself a superwoman. But she loved one, the Blessed Virgin, Queen of Heaven and Earth. Nor was Mother Cabrini wealthy, she often started a new foundation with”only the price of a loaf of bread”. But she trusted the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus the source of all true riches.Underlying all of her work, her travel, her prayer was the rosary that girded her habit and now is on display for our inspiration among young students in New Orleans.