11/16/2021 – St Joseph Moscatti

St Joseph Moscaiti, a recent saint from Naples, was a holy doctor who loved God and never lost sight of the fact that his patients were both body and soul.

He would treat both with the greatest care and skill.

The heavy workload, medical and research accomplishments, and the heroism he displayed in war, volcano and plague in his short forty-seven years are hard to understand.

Unless, one knows that he had consecrated himself to the Lord’s service and underpinned all he did with prayer.

St Joseph Moscaiti attended daily Mass and received Holy Communion. He prayed throughout the day, especially the rosary.

Dr. Moscati always carried a rosary in his pocket as a reminder to seek help from Mary and Jesus when he had to make important decisions.

Our Lady makes saints in all walks of life. And she can do it in our lives as well. Like St Joseph Moscaiti always have a rosary to hand…and use it!

Courtesy of 1 in 10 Rosary Mission Ireland

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