11/20/2021 –

Some people find the rosary repetitious, but do we say “I love you” to our dearest and nearest only once?

“Once Our Lord asked St. Francis Assisi to give Him something. The Saint replied: “Dear Lord, I can give You nothing for I have already given you all, all my love.”Jesus smiled and said: “Francis, give Me it all again and again, it will give Me the same pleasure.

“So with our dearest Mother, she accepts from us each time we say the Hail Mary the joys and delight she received from the words of St. Gabriel.

Almighty God gave His Blessed Mother all the dignity, greatness and holiness necessary to make her His own most perfect Mother.

But He also gave her all the sweetness, love, tenderness and affection necessary to make her our most loving Mother. Mary is truly and really our Mother. As children when in trouble run to their mothers for help, so ought we to run at once with unbounded confidence to Mary.

St. Bernard and many Saints said that it was never, never heard at any time or in any place that Mary refused to hear the prayers of her children on earth.Why do we not realize this most consoling truth?

Why refuse the love and consolation that God’s Sweet Mother is offering us?” (The Efficacy and Power of the Hail Mary)

P.S. I attended a lovely “vigil” for the Holy Souls in Cork yesterday evening. It included Mass, Adoration, Rosaries etc.

Perhaps this is something you might be able to organise in your own Parish before November is out, or even next year? Even gather people safely at your house or local grotto to pray.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if each Parish had a “vigil” for their deceased?