11/21/2021 – Nano Nagle

Nano Nagle of Cork founded an order of sisters and brothers dedicated to the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Today is a day of special celebration and devotion for Presentation Sisters and Presentation Brothers all over the world.

The South Presentation Convent in Cork holds the most interesting relics of Nano Nagle — the golden rosary, which is preserved with care. It belongs to the early period when Nano Nagle was a lady of the world, and lived in the Ireland of the Penal Days where Catholics were persecuted. As a curious proof of the terror that was over all the country, the rosary has no crucifix, but ends with an eastern ornament, which by some ingenious trick has somehow the shape of a cross—it would have been too dangerous to have a crucifix hanging from the rosary, which was made to appear an ornament, such as a woman of fashion would use for the sake of its beauty and with no thought of devotion. ” (Sacred Heart Review)

As Nano devoted herself to Jesus Christ the King in the poor her life began to change. She set aside her golden rosary beads for sturdier beads that would withstand the rigours of her mission. The religious habit, Nano and her companions chose for their new order included a strong, full 15 decade wooden rosary that they wore around their waist. These beads were available to be prayed at all times.