11/28/2021 – Miraculous Medal

“Every day people come with new and untold stories to the doorway of the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal (Today’s Feast) at 140 rue du Bac.

They tell a story of the graces received through the intercession of Mary. I was so much touched by a young man of 26 years…Here is his story.

“When I was young, I used to pray the rosary in my family. Because of difficult circumstances I had to leave my home for another country,…The day before my departure, a friend gave me the Miraculous Medal, advising me to hold on to it with confidence.

It awakened my faith and trust in God. Every time I was scared in my travels, I just touched my medal and I received peace and courage. After a terrible time in Libya, a night came to get into a fragile boat and to face the most perilous adventure of my life. We were 400 men, with only one girl among us. At 3am, as we got into the boat, we were all silent, as if we were facing death. …After 12 hours of difficult sailing, our boat became short of petrol and it began to be tossed back and forth by the wind. Water started seeping in. Then, we all felt lost. For 6 hours I held tightly to my Miraculous Medal praying: if I die, I die in hope of eternal life in the hands of Mary. I was internally calm and serene… I will never forget the screaming and desperation. In the middle of all of this I was able to keep up and tell my companions in adventure to keep our faith and hope; holding always in my hand my medal and praying the rosary. Finally, a helicopter started hovering over us …and we were all saved!I always believe that as I am still alive it is thanks to the intercession of Mary.” Hearing the young man, I was so struck by his faith and gratitude to God. (Your chapel) seemed to me very far, but I reached Paris in three hours, praying my rosary and time passed so quickly. Now I am here, where many like me come to say THANK YOU to Mary.” (Sr. Neghesti)