12/10/2021 – Cardinal Burke – Pray the Rosary

Cardinal Raymond Burke recently urged us to pray the daily rosary.

At Fatima, “Our Lady indicated a specific intention: peace,” This “peace,” his eminence said, is not of the world but is “rather the peace obtained for us by the blood of the Cross of Jesus Christ.”

“The victory of peace is ultimately the victory over Satan who, since the sin of our First Parents, never ceases to tempt us to commit sin,” he said. “The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, is the privileged instrument through which God the Father sent God the Son into the world to win for us the victory.”

“The victory of peace, sought through the Immaculate Heart of Mary by praying the Holy Rosary and attained in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, overcomes the confusion, error and division, all the works of the Evil One, which so fiercely attack today the world and the Church,” he said.