12/15/2021 – Sisters of Charity

“The pounding on the barricaded door of the military hospital sent every heart thudding in terror. In the middle of the war in Brescia (Italy) in 1848, the wounded, sick, and those who cared for them knew what that pounding meant.

The shouts from beyond the door came from soldiers, not obeying any command but their inner desire to destroy and plunder.

Who could do anything to stop them?

The only people here were some Sisters, the Handmaids of Charity, who devoted themselves to helping the sick. The doctors had not even wanted them there. The doctors wanted medical people who were secular and military, not nuns. And in the face of this new danger they were even more useless! Worse than useless — because that Paula (as she was known) di Rosa was actually moving to open the door!

When the door swung wide, the soldiers saw their way blocked with a great crucifix held by Paula di Rosa and two candles held by two of the six sisters who stood by her.

Each sister girded with the rosary that hung from their belts. Suddenly their frenzy to destroy disappeared, and full of shame before this display of courage and faith, they slunk back into the shadows.” (catholic.org)“

That Paula!” is St Maria di Rosa whose feast day we celebrate today.

She was very delicate physically but strong in faith and energetic in zeal. Foundress of the Handmaids of Charity, a group of women consecrated for the glory of God through service to whomever He sent them (including crazed soldiers). A clue to her strength is in the name she chose at her vows…Sr. Mary of the Rosary!

Courtesy of 1 in 10 Rosary Mission Ireland

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