12/29/2021 – Life is a storm the rosary is a ship of obedience

Fr. Patrick Briscoe, OP writes,

‘Life is one storm after another. The Rosary is a great ship of obedience.
‘Today, we ought to think of the Rosary as a great ship for souls. This traditional prayer to Our Lady is a vessel that can bear us through the stormy seas of life.

Catherine of Siena once famously described the Order as a ship. Her Dialogue recounts Jesus teaching her:

“Now that places suitable for obedience have been found, namely, these ships commanded by the Holy Spirit through the medium of their superiors, for, as I told you, the Holy Spirit is the true Master of these ships, which are built in the light of the most holy faith by those who have the light to know that My clemency, the Holy Spirit, will steer them.”

The Rosary is another great ship of obedience. Faithfully praying the Rosary shapes the heart. The examples of Jesus, Mary, and other great saints included in its mysteries, show forth the path of Christian life. Faithfully praying the Rosary shapes the heart.

The mysteries are the sails, providing the way to catch the wind of the Holy Spirit. The chains of Hail Marys are the rigging, binding the Holy Spirit’s wind to the deck of our hearts. And finally, the cross is the anchor, the true source of our hope.’