02/07/2022 – Dominic’s Picture of Jesus and Mary

Cleaning an old chapel, Dominic of Jesus-Mary, a Carmelite, found an old painting of Our Lady.

He was distressed at the poor condition it was in and had it renovated. When it was ready, he put it in his cell and there prayed his rosary, honouring the Virgin and bringing the needs of those who asked his prayers to her.

One night, he noticed that dust was gathering again on the picture. He had nothing to wipe it off except his rough kerchief, apologising:

“O pure and holiest Virgin, nothing in the whole world is worthy of touching your holy face, but since I have nothing but this coarse handkerchief, deign to accept my good will.”

He then wiped the dust. At this the face of Mary came to life, smiling, and she inclined her head toward him and as if listening she told him to be full of confidence that she heard his petitions and would answer them.

Further “All those who devoutly venerate me in this picture and take refuge to me will have their request granted and I will obtain for them many graces; but especially will I hear their prayers for the relief and deliverance of the souls in purgatory.”

From that time, the head of Our Lady of Grace (the feast today) in the painting has remained inclined and she has responded to the millions of pilgrims who have prayed their rosaries, bringing their love and urgent petitions to her.

Click here to see an image of the painting: