01/13/2022 – Ferdinand

In 1620 the Austrian Emperor Ferdinand II and Prince Maxmilian of Bavaria faced a Protestant army which sought to impose protestantism on Catholic Austria and Bavaria.

The day before the battle, Fr Dominic, a discalced Carmelite, brought a painting of the Nativity that Calvanists had attacked piercing the eyes of both Mary and St Joseph.

Showing the painting to the soldiers, he asked the soldiers to restore the honour of their Mother. The monk led the troops in prayer.

Finishing the rosary, he assured the troops of his prayers and the prayers of the faithful who he had enlisted to pray and support the men in battle. Fr Dominic’s words decided the hesitation of the generals and gave courage to the men.

They adopted Mary’s name as their battle cry and Mary blessed their efforts. In the moment of success, they hailed the painting as Our Lady of Victory”.(Woman in Orbit) The army carried the picture in a triumphant rosary procession where the King adorned it with rich jewels and it was enthrone as Our Lady of Victory in Prague.