02/01/22 – St. Brigid of Kildare

St Brigid, reminds us of what St John Paul the Great called, the “Femine Genius,” the special capacity for God unique to women. The mysteries of the rosary are a mini gospel which is itself a work of the feminine genius of Mary. In the rosary, she gently, and maternally weaves the story of her Son and our redemption into our very being in a way that draws us to her, as she draws us to Jesus.Today is also the feast of Anne Francoise, Catherine, Madeleine, Marie Genevieve, Marie Jeanne, Marthe and many more women, wives and mothers of Angers who having drawn close to Mary in her rosary and brought their husbands, children and grandchildren to her, loved Jesus, so deeply, that they willingly and calmly mounted the scaffold to the guillotine. Their prayerful serenity in the face of the hysteria of the French revolution was surely a manifestation of the feminine genius of these daughters of the Blessed Mother and her rosary.P.S. Don’t forget the 2022 All Ireland Eucharistic Conference will take place this Saturday from 2pm, live and exclusive on Radio Maria.Great Speakers include: Fr John Mockler, The Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother, Antoinette Moynihan, and Fr Morty O’Shea. The Conference will be chaired by John Hayes. Please spread the word