02/20/2022 – Feast of Jacinta and Francisco

Today we celebrate the feast of Ss Jacinta and Francisco Marto, two of the three children of Fatima.

Our Lady asked them to pray the rosary every day and when asked if they would go to heaven, she said that they would, but that Francisco must say many rosaries before going. The children never missed their rosary again, nor did they pray it carelessly. Accounts from family and friends lead us to believe that they prayed many rosaries a day in response to the Blessed Mother’s request.

Our Lady in asking the children at Fatima to pray the rosary daily is asking us too through them. Similarly in praying the rosary with St Bernadette in Lourdes and teaching her to pray more slowly and make the Sign of the Cross reverently, she is teaching us. In so many ways Our Lady is addressing us, you and me personally, asking us to pray her rosary every day, pray it with love, gratitude and attention, to bring others to the rosary. How are we responding?

Courtesy of 1 in 10 Rosary Mission Ireland

Don’t forget – 9pm is Rosary for Ireland on Radio Maria