05/10/2022 – Bishop Dermot Molloy’s Birthday

Today is the birthday of Bishop Dermot Molloy a Dubliner who if you don’t know him you have a treat in store.

Bishop Molloy died 10 years ago in his beloved diocese high in the Peruvian Andies Mountains.The Bishop was a great friend of Mother Angelica founder of EWTN. Mother Angelica had many guests on the network inviting them to promote their apostolates and even reach generous patrons.

However when she or other program hosts appealed for funds it was only for the network. She only made one exception to this rule and it was for Bishop Molloy and his mission. For him she appealed for 3 trucks one year, another year she showed the TV audience a catalog picture of a digger needed to build parish churches in the mountains. But her most enthusiastic appeal was for rosaries for everyone in his diocese. Her appeals on Bishop Molloys behalf were always heeded.

The rosaries that the Bishop was able to present to his faithful as he travelled from village to village were the plastic ones that gather the light by day and glow in the dark. He described his return visits to each village. The Bishop would arrive towards dusk on his mountain pony. He would try to arrive in time for the traditional evening gathering of the village in the parish church were they would pray the rosary and night prayer. In the gathering dark, his heart would flood with joy to see the little specks of light of the glowing rosaries converging towards the candle lit church. Spending the next day with the villagers he would witness the pride and care with which they treasured their rosaries which they recited and often sang every day.