05/15/2022 – Fr Flanagan

This is the anniversary of Fr Edward Flanagan founder of Boystown.

When he was born, baby Edward was so weak that most gave up on him. His uncle coming in from the family flock, did what he did with the weakest lambs, he put the lifeless baby on his heart inside his shirt and paced back and forth in front of the hearth all night. In the morning Edward had revived.

As a child he spent his days in the meadows minding his father’s sheep. Everyday he prayed the rosary with them, soothing a frightened ewe, encouraging a straggling lamb. These were the lessons that formed him and made him a priest who refused to give up on any boy, and the sensitivity to know how to reach the wounded hearts and souls of his charges.

Fr Flanagan brought his love of the rosary to Boystown. Every evening, he could be found sitting in the last pew of the chapel praying his rosary. Every boy knew that he was praying for them, and that he welcomed their company and that there was no such thing as an interruption.

One by one boys would slip into the pew beside him for a word of comfort, encouragement, for confession, for his company or just to quietly pray together.The boys knew they were loved. Fr Flanagan secure in the love of Jesus and Mary was able to share that love with those that needed it most.