09/02/2021 – Bl. Andre Grasset

Dia dhuit,

Blessed Andre Grasset is honoured today. He was born in Montreal, Canada, but moved with his family to France. He became a priest and then a canon, at a very turbulent time – the French Revolution was beginning. He was executed in the massacre of the Hotel Des Carmes on 2nd Sept., 1792, along with c.200 other religious and lay people.St Paul tells the Colossians today that he has never failed to pray for them so that they should reach the fullest knowledge of God’s will. This he explains will help them to be able to lead the kind of life which the LORD expects of them. This is a lovely prayer we can make for others and ourselves too.God’s will is all that really matters dear friends – it is the way of peace, and joy in this life, and the way that leads to Heaven. Jesus asks St Peter to put out into the deep in our Gospel today. The Holy Spirit often asks us this, each day, but our own will and desires are very strong indeed.Sometimes what God is asking of us is not on our agenda at all, and the thought frightens and displeases us. But…He knows what’s best for us. Through the intercession of Blessed Andre Grasset, I pray that I and you can trust in His will, put out into the deep, in our daily lives…… and reap the benefits.

God bless you,

Fr Marius

P.S. Our Lady promises us that if we make the communal First Saturdays there will be peace and many souls will be saved. It’s something we really need to get going in Ireland! Remember, that if you make the FIVE first Saturdays Our Lady promises to assist you at the hour of your death. What a great deal! Why not join us on Saturday as we begin the 5 First Saturdays on Zoom? “Rosary on the Coast” and “The Fellowship of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary” have come together to organise this and it will begin at 8pm Irish time. We will finish on January 1st. Here is the link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83228285884…If you are more of a morning person then you can join Fr Gerry McCluskey on Saturday who will celebrate the First Saturday from 9.15am. Here is the link: https://www.churchservices.tv/ardglass