10/29/2021 – Turn to Mother

“Faced with a towering tragedy – the sudden collapse of a multi-story building with people trapped inside (on 24th June, in Miami) – many Catholics around South Florida have fled to a common refuge: the comforting presence of their Mother.

“I think everyone understands that in pain, you turn to your mother,” said Wency Ortega, who helped organize a virtual online rosary on Sunday, June 27, for students, teachers, families and alumni of Christopher Columbus High School. “And in turning to our Mother, we turn to Jesus.”

About 2,000 people tapped into Columbus’ virtual rosary… (since then) Other schools have held or planned their own rosaries also….“As Catholics, we place so much of our hope and fears, our sadness and anger in the hands of the mother of Jesus,” he said. “She experienced his joy and his sadness. She experienced his fear, anger and sorrow. She experienced his death. It is only natural that in times of such sorrow and pain that we run to our mother for help.”