12/5/2021 – Blessed Margaret of Castello

Blessed Margaret of Castello was born disabled and blind. She was abandoned by her parents and she relied on the generosity of the townspeople for shelter. People were very poor and it was not easy to feed an extra person, however, everyone who took Margaret in found their family blessed in many ways and when she would leave one home there was usually another waiting their turn. She was a Dominican tertiary. In every home she lived her vocation teaching the children catechism and gathering all for Our Lady’s psalter (the rosary). Praying with Margaret was illuminating because she brought the mysteries of the Rosary alive as if she was there with Jesus and Mary. ‘Denied earthly sight, Margaret was favored with heavenly visions. “Oh, if you only knew what I have in my heart!” she often said. The mysteries of the rosary, particularly the joyful mysteries, were so vivid to her that her whole person would light up when she described the scene. She was often in ecstasy.’ (from Blessed Margaret, Community of Hope)