12/9/2021 – (OLD) Rosary walks

Fr. Goyo Hidalgo writes,

“The Rosary has been a very central part of my life and it will always be.

Here are some stories of my life involving the Rosary:

1) When I was 5, I wanted to run from home (I don’t remember why).
My mother helped me pack (I don’t know why). The first thing she gave me was a rosary. I told her I didn’t know how to pray. She then taught me and I think that after the second decade, I decided to stay.

I still have that OLD rosary.

2) I learned to pray the Rosary with my Mom.

But I remember most praying the Rosary with my father while we walked through my quiet small town at night, even when he was tired. Fathers, pray with your kids. They will never forget.