8/24/2021 – St Nathaniel

Dia dhuit,

We honour an Apostle today – one of the chosen 12 – St Bartholomew, also known as Nathaniel. We know he was born at Cana, where the famous wedding took place. The Gospel also tells us that it was the Apostle Philip who brought Bartholomew to the LORD. We are not sure if he was martyred in India, as some think, or perhaps, as more seem to think, in Armenia, where the Perisan custom says he was skinned alive, after he converted the King to Christianity. There’s no doubt that God did and continues to do extraordinary things through this great saint. Isn’t it interesting that someone else introduced him to Jesus. Perhaps we can all focus on introducing one person to Jesus, and do so gently and patiently. God will do the rest, and only He knows what that person might become in time. Could Philip ever have imagined what God would do through Bartholomew?

God bless you,
Fr Marius