08/05/2022 – Sacred Heart of Jesus devotion

During Covid lockdown, Erin McColl Cupp wrote:

“As Catholics … when we are reminded of our vulnerability, we are supposed to turn to prayer. Our family has practiced the Family Rosary in general for many years, but since lockdown began, we’ve been praying with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s nightly Rosary Rally.

Our family also has a certain devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus …the more we pray, however, and the more devotions we practice, the harder things seem to be getting right now….

Then the voice in the back of my head starts to whisper, “Your prayers aren’t working. Why do you keep praying?”That voice asks a good question. The statement before it, however, makes an assumption: how do I know our prayers aren’t working? Yes, our vulnerabilities are exposed more now than ever before. What evidence do I have, however, that it wouldn’t be worse without prayer?

I have none. Yes, our world is sick and on fire. It has been so since The Fall. It will remain so until we all turn to the Heart of Jesus and grow in pure love for Him and for each other.The Sacred Heart celebrates that Jesus offers us His vulnerability.He comes to us with a heart in flames—both from the ways we hurt Him and each other and from His indefatigable love for us. Our coldness cannot extinguish these flames, nor can our violence. Our prayers, including the Rosary, hide us in the furnace of His heart, so that we may be purified to withstand however much worse it can get, as long as we remember that nothing is worse than the loss of a soul to sin….

Prayer might not seem to be making things better right now, but “seems” isn’t “is.” We are called to trust that hearts turned to the prayer that promises eternal rather than temporal protection can only be part of God’s plan to make things better. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.
P.S. The Men’s Rosaries continue around Ireland on Saturday, the First Saturday. Don’t forget also…….confession (within 20 days), 15 min meditation, and Holy Communion – all offered for the intention of making reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Abbeyleix – Our Lady’s Grotto, Ballinakill, Thornberry at 1pm

Arklow – St Mary’s Park at Main Street

Athlone – Fair Green Car Park at 1pm

Carlingford – Opposite the Village green and beside the Coastal Wall at 1pm

Cork – 2pm at the Grand Parade

Dublin – North Earl Street (by the Spire) at 2pm

Kilkenny – 1pm at St James’ Green (next to the Cathedral)

Knock – 1pm at the Plaza

Limerick – Thomas Street at 1pm

Sligo – Wine Street Car Park at 2pm

Thurles – Outside Scoil Angela, The Square at 2pm

Tralee – The Square at 1pm

Waterford – Barronstrand Street (near McDonalds) at 3pm

Wexford – On the Quay (Opposite South East Radio) at 12 Noon